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Uniplus Telecom

Uniplus Telecom, a business broadband provider, had a problem. Their contact rate was low and their offshore sales performance was poor. They needed to find a solution that would help them increase their contact rate and improve their offshore sales performance. AlPerformance was called in to help. After analyzing the issue and performing an analysis of the business's current state, AlPerformance created a dial strategy and productivity improvements plan that would increase Uniplus Telecom's contact rate from 12%-25% while improving lead conversion rates from 1% - 3%. The plan included: - Training for sales agents on how to improve productivity during calls with customers by asking more questions during conversations - Training for managers on how to identify problems with agent performance during calls - Implementing new technology that allowed for real-time monitoring of agent call data - Analyzing data from existing calls to identify trends in poor performance and provide feedback on what agents should change about their behavior next time they are placed on hold