About Us

Experts in the industry with REAL experience

Decades of experience in Contact centre;   sales training, CC processes, performance analysis, dialler management, dial strategy. Each member of the team having worked in all the roles within contact centre from sales agent through to sales trainer and heads of department.

Contact centres and tele-performance is in our dna with over 25 years combined experience within our direct team and over 100 years combined experience in our network. Whatever your challenge we have faced it and overcome it before.

  • How to increase your outbound dial efficiently en masse whilst remaining OFCOM compliant 
  • Decreasing consumer connect rates – we’ve got solutions  
  • Decrease abandon rate through your IVR strategy 
  • In house phased script writing for increased sales conversions  

Mission Statement

AL Performance is a company dedicated to helping businesses get the most out of their contact centres.

We believe that too many corporates are not leveraging the power of technology, and we’re here to change that. Our mission is to help our clients use tech in new ways, so they can provide better service to their customers. This means changing perspectives and providing hands-on consulting.

Meet our Founders

Our creative and technical team here for your best consultation.

Alex McConville
Alex McConville

Alex brings a rare combination of extensive technical knowledge and understanding of Contact center telephony combined with real world experience of managing large contact center teams. Having used most of the major telephony clients in the industry across multiple businesses he has experience in the setup and running of WFM, WFO, IVR and OMNI Channels. Alex is particularly known for his Responsible Telemarketing initiative and ethos.

Andrew Langfield
Andrew Langfield

Andrew is our in-house sales trainer, adept at writing all manner of scripting and sales cycles, he also brings to the table his knowledge of sales funnels, lead generation and SEO optimisation. Process optimisation though is really where Andrew comes into his own from his unique and 360 experience from telesales agent, coach, team leader, trainer and manager.